3 large-scale trends driving demand for ShelfGenie

Our custom shelving franchise business is booming thanks to these major trends

You might think a custom shelving franchise could get by on its good looks alone. After all, who doesn’t love an organized living space tailored just for them? But the reality is, ShelfGenie offers so much more. Our franchisees are able to leverage some major demographic movements and long-term trends to maximize their earnings.

ShelfGenie is a home-based, low-entry cost franchise that’s ideal for first-time entrepreneurs. We’re also operating within a booming industry, and the revenue opportunities might surprise you.

Right now, our storage solutions are perfectly aligned with three major trends:

1. Americans are getting older. By 2050, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the population of people aged 65+ will nearly double to approximately 84 million. As the population ages, there is massive demand for aging-in-place solutions that let people stay in their existing homes while modifying them for ease of access.

At ShelfGenie, we manufacture our own line of shelving solutions. Our Glide-Out shelving can take a space that’s being wasted and maximize its potential by adding easily accessible tiers for better organizing. Whether someone has arthritis, uses a wheelchair or has trouble seeing, that kind of solution can make a huge difference. Clients love our Glide-Out shelving, and happy clients mean more word-of-mouth referrals and future business.

A Glide-Out shelf system under a kitchen sink provides easy access to hard-to-reach cleaners.
Finding that cleaner you need under the kitchen sink can be a chore by itself for older Americans, who often find their mobility diminished as they age. ShelfGenie custom shelving franchise offers a solution, one that franchise owners are finding increasingly popular.

2. Millions of homes need a retrofit to improve ease of access. The latest and greatest in new homes come with some nice perks on the organizational front, but many of our clients are choosing to stay in their older homes. And while they may love their older homes, clients who want to age in place recognize the need to retrofit their storage spaces.

In older homes in particular, storage might not have been a priority. Closets weren’t as plentiful. That means clients can really benefit from your ShelfGenie franchise solutions that make the most of wasted vertical space, unused cabinetry and more.

A lower kitchen cabinet is fitted with Glide-Out shelving that pulls out for easy access to kitchen tools and appliances.
This lower kitchen cabinet probably had more space than function. With a ShelfGenie makeover, it maximizes the vertical space as much as the depth and width — and makes everything more accessible to the client, too.

3. Storage capacity is needed in older homes. Just 2% of owner-occupied homes are six years or younger, according to Builder magazine. In older homes particularly, space is at a premium. Homeowners are attracted to solutions that allow them to get more storage without paying for additional square footage.

A solution that involves built-in custom cabinetry, tailored to fit the space and the client’s needs, is much more appealing than a piece of furniture that doesn’t quite fit or a stack of semi-transparent storage bins from the discount store. It’s the kind of service ShelfGenie can offer along with a professional design consultation and installation, so the client doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Big trends can mean big business

These trends add up to create big demand for ShelfGenie franchisees. We’ve generated more than $200 million in retail sales since we started franchising in 2007, and as the senior population grows larger and more seniors choose to age in place, there will be more opportunities for ShelfGenie franchises to provide the right storage solutions.

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