What does ShelfGenie do? 

ShelfGenie is so much more than just a handyman franchise. We provide homeowners with customized cabinet and shelving solutions. Franchise designers consult with clients in their homes to get a feel for their living spaces and particular storage needs, then provide initial design sketches for the clients to review. 

Once the sketches are approved, the products are ordered, manufactured in ShelfGenie’s Alabama warehouse facility, and then installed by our friendly and efficient team of installers. Our products include Glide-Out shelving systems for kitchen cabinets, pantries, bathrooms, and garages to help improve a living space’s functionality and ease of use. 

At ShelfGenie, it is our goal to provide a better way for customers to experience their homes. We focus on taking away the frustration and pain that homeowners have felt due to inefficient and badly designed living spaces, and turn those problem areas into high-functioning, enjoyable spaces that our clients will enjoy using for many years to come

How much does a ShelfGenie franchise cost? 

Initial Franchise Fee:

 $69,500 1 for the Executive Franchise ownership model.

 $29,5001 for the Owner/Operator Franchise ownership model.

Estimated Initial Investment Range:

$90,6001 – $135,500for the Executive Franchise ownership model.

$42,3503 – $66,750for the Owner/Operator Franchise ownership model.

1 Refer to Item 7 of the 2021 ShelfGenie SPV LLC Franchise Disclosure Document for complete details.
2 Does not include any additional franchise fee due to larger territory size.
3 Does not include real estate costs. Refer to Item 7 of the 2021 ShelfGenie SPV LLC Franchise Disclosure Document for complete details.

Do I need prior construction or design experience when starting a remodeling business? 

No. Our franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and our corporate experts train franchisees in all aspects of the ShelfGenie business. We are looking for people who are passionate about our product and want to help others find solutions to their home storage needs. We seek franchisees who are interested in learning the business and following our systems, regardless of previous remodeling business experience. We also look for franchisees who can reach out and network with people in their communities to continually grow their client base. 

How do I get a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)? 

Interested entrepreneurs should explore our ShelfGenie research pages and then fill out the no-obligation form to request a copy of our free franchise report. One of our franchise development experts will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss business opportunities, then forward an FDD to qualified buyers. 


How much can I make as a ShelfGenie franchisee?  

We provide pro forma financial statements and ShelfGenie’s FDD later in the sales process. We also suggest that prospective owners speak with existing franchisees to get an idea of how much they could stand to make with ShelfGenie, a conversation we are happy to help facilitate.

How do you define territories? 

A typical ShelfGenie protected territory includes about 250,000 households, with some rural areas including fewer. An average ShelfGenie franchisee oversees more than two franchise locations. Our business model allows entrepreneurs to run more than one franchise effectively and successfully. 

ShelfGenie has current franchisees across the U.S. and Canada, and we still have prime territories open and available. 


How many employees do I need? 

Franchisees are trained in all aspects of the ShelfGenie business, from designing and measuring spaces to marketing, sales, and best practices for recruiting team members. Owners may choose to handle the majority of the design appointments. Franchisees typically recruit designers and installers on a contract basis. Often when starting a remodeling business, owners may have two to three designers and installers per territory, depending on workload and geographic considerations. 

How do I attract clients? 

ShelfGenie will provide expert guidance as you formulate your marketing plans, drawing on the right combination of multi-media advertising, home shows, and local networking to fit your community and your goals.


What type of training does ShelfGenie provide?  

We know that the prospect of starting a remodeling business can feel daunting, so we offer franchisees an unparalleled level of support. ShelfGenie hosts a comprehensive, hands-on, eight-day training retreat for new franchisees at our Home Office in Atlanta. Here you will learn about the company’s history, philosophy, core values, and expectations. The training also covers technology, marketing, management procedures, and other essential aspects of starting a remodeling business. 

Once installers are hired, they will attend a three-day training session at the Atlanta Home Office, while designers are trained by our team members remotely. 

Who manufactures the products? 

ShelfGenie manages the supply chain. Franchisees deal with our affiliate, G-O Manufacturing, rather than having to take on the cumbersome process of multi-sourced supply chains. ShelfGenie also manages the logistics of shipping the products to our installers, and we are able to acquire economic incentives by leveraging our buying power.

How do I get additional information? 

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request a free copy of our franchise report or call 1-866-243-7156 to connect with a ShelfGenie representative.